Tuesday 23 March 2010

23/03/10 | I'm Possible

Photo © Nancy L. Stockdale

They said it wasn't possible, but it is.

I don't really know what I was expecting from the Impossible Project's first film. I'll be honest, when they announced that they would be starting with monochrome I wasn't that excited. I can develop and print my own black and white film, and it's the colour of Polaroid film that I really love. But when the first sample photographs were unveiled yesterday I instantly (no pun intended) fell in love. These are no crisp, contrasty black and white images. They are soft, dreamy, almost like lith prints - in short they are magic, just like a Polaroid should be and I can't wait to see my first print developing before my eyes.


  1. I'm so honored that you chose my photo to illustrate this new film. You're going to love it! Thank you.

  2. They look great don't they. Defo going to try some out asap!