Wednesday 13 July 2011

13/07/11 | World Bellyboard Championships 2011

Entries are now open for the WBBC 2011 - see the website for more info / to enter online. Fingers crossed for sun & surf.


  1. See you that orange cozzie! I'll be the one with the artworked-up 'Traditional Surfing' board.

  2. Ah! The swimmers! I am slowly gathering a little collection of retro swimmers. They make me SO happy...

    Hope it was fun?


  3. I'm having so much fun on the bellies now I'm finding I want to get wet more often. I'm only an average 'in yer depth' surfer so nothing too radical but I've started to try and go along the wave. At 57 I'm a late starter, but a complete convert. Even got hubby and son hooked but as they ride longboards, they'll soon outstrip anything I can do.

    BTW, I just put up a new blog for surf stuff, do you mind that I put a link to your blog on it? I'll remove it if you do. It's

  4. Hi Sue, nice to hear from you. I'm still undecided whether to enter or not, I'm a longboarder and wouldn't usually dream of entering the water (in this country anyway) without a wetsuit. But it does look like fun, maybe if it's a really sunny day...

    Don't mind at all about the link!