Wednesday, 8 June 2011

08/06/11 | Upcoming Events

Alasdair Lindsay of the excellent vintage surfboard collector has organised a meet & board swap at Lusty Glaze on the 26th, so if drooling over resin-tinted single fins or marvelling over neon 80s sprays is your thing I'll see you there!

There's also a beach clean up at Godrevy tomorrow (9th June) organised by the National Trust. No details online but it's from 5 - 7PM, bin bags provided. Godrevy's my local beach - to work anyway - so it's great that they've organised a clean up for the evening so that people who work during the day can attend.


  1. Agree - awesome poster. As a champion dog poo walker-innerer I liked your later post too. cheers. We are having record low temps here, so I'm imagining long summery days over there.

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