Thursday 9 June 2011

09/06/11 | Beach love


I went and helped out at a beach clean at Godrevy tonight. Items found included:

bits of fishing nets (more of this than anything else)
plastic bottles, tubs & bottle tops
1 x bottle of rioja (empty, no note inside)
cigarette butts
crisps / sweet packets
cans of beer (opened)
disposable barbeques
foam panels
4 x flip flops (not matching)
1 x pair of crocs (owner obviously saw sense)
massive plastic barrel
shotgun cartridge cases
surfboard tailpad (half of)
1 x torch

Human beings suck sometimes.

The incredible thing at Godrevy is that more people seem to leave dog poo lying around than litter (see this post) despite the fact there are no rubbish bins at all at the beach but there is a dog poo bin. I was talking to Nick from the National Trust about it afterwards and they're going to install new dog bins at the beach soon and try to encourage more people to use them which is great news.

There'll be another beach clean in a month's time, follow @NTGod2Aggie to stay in the loop.

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  1. More dog poo bins at Godrevy...thank goodness for that! I hate having to walk around for so long with fragrant packages of dog poo in one hand while I walk the pooch. And I hate the people who pick up their pooch poo in bags, then dump the bags! WHY? Argh!

    So thanks for the good news!