Monday 16 May 2011

16/05/11 | Onshore Chocolate


After April's amazing run of sunshine and great surf, May has been a bit of a disappointment - back to changeable weather and lots of onshores. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. So in lieu of surfing I've finally cracked open a pack of Polaroid Chocolate film and it's like lith printing without all of the darkroom stress; a perfect Polaroid swansong.


  1. how big is your remaining stash .. mine is now a dwindling pile of chocolate, blue and viva color .. the latter I used to really dislike but I'm finding a new love for it ..

    Love this pola!

  2. Thanks guys. I've got maybe 45 packs of peel-apart film left, I'm probably going to sell some on ebay shortly as I'm never going to get through it before it goes off and I could do with the ££!

    Still got two packs of 665 but I don't want to use it before I've sorted out the light leak in my 450.

  3. Have a light-leak-free 340 here if you want.

    Looks like you've got the same problem with chocolate as me - Its an absolute bugger to scan, much nicer in the flesh