Friday 5 February 2010

05/02/10 | Get the log ready!*


I've been ignoring the surf forecast recently and only looking when I actually go to the beach, that way I don't get disappointed when the swell promised on the 8 day forecast doesn't turn up (or more likely is accompanied by howling onshores). So I haven't looked at all this week, but I thought I'd have a quick see if there's anything for tomorrow and it looks like next week is going to be cooking! Which means now I am all excited thinking about all the spots that will be working on that swell and wondering if I can wangle some time off work next week...

* 2.08, we shout this around the house now


  1. Great picture Rebecca :) My friend Danny will be very pleased to see his Type 3 sat quietly watching the ocean.

  2. You know the owner, cool! I practically stalked it across Newquay to get the shot, it's one of my top dream cars.