Wednesday 9 December 2009

Work to live, not live to work.


Office jobs and surfing don't mix particularly well, but for the last four years I have been fortunate enough to work for a company that understands and values a good work-life balance. In the summer I start early and leave early, in the winter I start late and finish late, so I can surf during the week throughout the year. I've never had to pull a sickie when the surf's on - if I mention the surf is going to be good later in the week I get offered some time off, and when I come in late and salty with a wetsuit to dry in my office no-one complains.

All this came to an abrupt end ten days ago when the company went into administration, another victim of the recession. We're still trading for the moment whilst a buyer is sought, but nothing is guaranteed, and my bosses were told to leave immediately.

Whilst I should probably be worrying about my long-term job prospects - as head office staff I'm in a particularly vulnerable position - I've mainly been reflecting on how lucky I've been to work for an employer that truly understands about surfing and is willing to be flexible around it. Tim & Daren: a surfer couldn't ask for more accommodating manager than you two, I don't know how I'm going to get another job that will compare to this one.

So the last ten days have been incredibly busy, stressful, and emotional. Despite this I had a great weekend; I bought a new board at the St Merryn Surf Jumble on Saturday - not particularly sensible give the job situation (photos etc to follow!) - and had a nice little surf on it on Sunday at the spot pictured. For the moment my late starts & finishes are staying, and I've managed to wangle this Friday off too; now it's just a case of waiting to see what the new year brings.


  1. Hi Rebecca, really sorry to hear you've got work woes, that sucks.
    Now for all our occassional blog chattering, I realised I wouldn't know you from adam in the street which is quite random. I was at the surf jumble too, so maybe we walked straight past each other or maybe not, i wouldn't really know, that's the strangeness of the whole blog thing i suppose. I did recognise your alaia buddy, I said to him to say hi to you (in a non weirdo way). fun gathering though wasn't it?
    Now 2 questions...! 1) don't tell me you bought the turquoise long board with the diagonal white competition band?
    2) where on earth did you find surf on sunday, must've been south coast? i was marooned on the north coast and it was blowing a hoolie.
    Anyway hope work stuff pans out ok.

  2. sorry about the job, hang in there, but buying a log is the best thing you could do (outside of surfing it). photos, please!

  3. Serious bummer about the job, but blaging Friday for surfing, a perfect move

  4. Yeah it's a real bummer, but at least I've got my priorities straight hey! I'll take some photos when I'm out and about tomorrow.

    @ Wheardo
    Ha Mark said someone had come and said hi, thought he must have meant you. We didn't show up til around 3 when everything way dying down, but we ended up going out with everyone afterwards so it was a fun day.
    Now in answer to your questions:
    1. No, I did have a look at that one but it was too small & similar to what I've already got, and it had been badly creased. Really nice colour though! I bought the beaten up red one with the turquoise comp stripe that was in the corner near the door.
    2. North coast, round the corner from where your friend does his outrigger classes ;)

  5. ah yeah nice, saw that one.
    should've recognised the picture of world's best know secret spot! didn't think anywhere north coast would've been that calm on sun, just shows what a bit of shelter can do.

  6. Hi Bex, really sucks about your job. Hope it's a cloud with a silver lining! Hope you & Chris still manage to have a fun festive season.
    Thanks for all the photo help/ inspiration this year. Pop up here & say hi soon!