Sunday 15 November 2009

Stay stoked...

(click image to see clearer)

A tragedy befell Mark's lovely Wegener alaia this afternoon.
He took it remarkably well considering, and apparently it will be 'even better' once it has been glued back together. Either that or he'll have a nice pair of skis plus a spare...

Happier times:



  1. Noooo! That's not the first time I've seen that happen, they seem to have a pretty short shelf life. You had a go one one at all? Must say I'm a little intrigued but I bet they're pretty skittish.

  2. She rides again!

    Wheardo - I haven't tried one, although I do have a bellyboard. I just have this gut instinct that I'd be terrible!

  3. Yay and the up side a bit of wood glue adds far less weight than trying to fix a snapped poly board!
    Ha, bellyboard, sweet. Keep meaning to borrow my gran's but she's pretty protective of hers.
    Yeah I agree, rekon an alaia would be tres tricky.