Sunday 26 October 2014

26/10/2014 | Dark evenings scanning


Now that dark evenings are finally upon us, it seems like a good time to pull my scanner out and start working through the backlog of Polaroids that have been hanging around getting dusty. I hadn't unpacked my scanner since we moved house at the begging of last year; that combined with my favorite camera having a temperamental lightleak means that I haven't been shooting much film anyway. I've been trying to make more of an effort recently though, including shooting at this year's World Belly Board Championships, so little piles of Polaroids have been starting to appear around the house.

I find scanning a tedious process. Well, more the processing afterwards than the actual scanning. My scanner never gets the colour anywhere near right, and no matter how much I clean they always end up covered in dust and hairs, leading to hours in Photoshop for each one. It's also pretty subjective scanning Polaroids, the film I use (ID-UV) looks totally different under electric light compared to daylight. Electric light brings our lovely purple tones, whereas in daylight they can look quite flat and blue, so I usually match to a desk lamp. I'm trialling using Lightroom instead of Photoshop, and I'm going to try to live with most of the dust (but not the dog hairs, how do they get there, how??). Hopefully I can work out a quicker way of getting a result I'm happy with - watch this space.

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  1. Really, that's it, and you have a model you can 3D print, mill with CAM software, or just do a screenshot of and post to YouTube. At this point, you can load the data into other programs for smoothing and refining, but not today, there is still snow to shovel.