Monday 12 August 2013

12/08/13 | Flights booked


After ages of dithering over where to go on a trip this year, we've finally booked flights to California in October. I'm so excited I want to pack my suitcase RIGHT NOW. Any hints / tips on where to go, motels, car rentals, finding second hand boards etc gratefully received...


  1. hey

    thats very exciting!!

    craigs list is good for second hand boards.
    the people on are really helpful as far as info goe is good for condo rental

    i'm jealous!

  2. If you're in LA let me know, I can steer you towards good food, boards, where to be and so on. Can't do much about the crap waves though!

  3. Hey Kirk

    Thanks! We're flying into LA, I could definitely do with some tips on where to find good second hand longboards - don't want to end up having to hire a foamy... We don't tend to get decent boards 2nd hand boards being sold in shops here, is it the same there?

  4. San Diego pacific beach . Beach cottages right on the beach by a waves good longboards waves close by some bars and restaurants ...groovy

  5. Cheers, we've had several people recommend pacific beach now so definitely going to check it out...

  6. Rebecca,
    there's a lot of shops selling second hand gear and some good stuff can be found without too much hassle- probably better in San Diego/North County as there's better waves and more surfers, but it shouldn't be too much hassle. Just visited your part of the world and had a fantastic time- Fistral was better than LA has been in months!

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