Monday 25 March 2013

06/04/13 | #brassmonkeys


Come on winter, it's April, surely I should be able to ditch some of the rubber by now?

There's been quite a bit of discussion on Twitter recently about whether the water temperatures this winter are at a record low. Whilst no-one has confirmed if it's a record, it's significantly colder than the last two years. This time last year I was a week away from not wearing mitts, I'm still wearing a hood at the moment when it's windy (and I don't usually need to wear a hood in Cornwall at all). The cold clear weather is set to change next week, but doesn't sound like it's going to get much warmer...short leg suit days still feel very far away.

Graph data & concept credit Dave @surfhog


  1. same situation on this side of the pond, enough already!

  2. Count yourself lucky, I moved up to the north east a couple of months ago, the water temp has been like 4 degrees... Also, had nothing but easterly winds / onshore slop so far.

    1. Isn't that normal-ish for up there though?! Was 7.3 degrees at Perranporth the other morning, it's actually dropped more as we've gone into April, crazy.

      Hope the surf picks up for you soon, the winters should be cranking up there!