Wednesday 9 May 2012

09/05/12 | Wavelength

I'm a few weeks late posting this, but the latest issue of Wavelength magazine is out with a new look and a new mission, to get people excited about surfing and get them in the water more. I'm all for change within surf magazines - all those endless warm water barrels get a bit boring don't they? - so I was intrigued when Greg came into the office and started telling us about the new format. There will be real product reviews instead of thinly-veiled advertising features (this month it's leashes), and more women and longboarding too - starting with me! I was totally stoked to be asked to be the first person they interviewed for a new regular feature on people who have made a change in their life for surfing. Roll on the next issue, hopefully they'll have some good tips on how to stay sane during this flat spell...

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