Friday 3 December 2010

03/12/10 | SNOvember



November is always a month of transition, the month that draws a definite line under summer and ushers in the proper winter, but what a strange November we've had.

We started the month off the back of a fantastic run of October surf that included a few epic days (see above). Then it just fizzled out. We've had precious few good swells, and the best ones have been short-lived, appearing on busy work days and fading away before the weekend. I can't remember such an inconsistent spell this late in the autumn, can you?

The mornings were just starting to get chilly enough to warrant considering boots, when out of nowhere the snow arrived. Crazy, we've jumped straight into deepest winter. I love it! It's so easy as a surfer to dream of life somewhere hot with good waves, but I do love a good hard winter - now we just need some swell to top it off.



  1. Great article on the snow. 5mm! Wow! Now that is serious. Do you find it restrictive when you are surfing? I love the photos you have taken! I love taking photos as well. I find that often I need not say anything and the picture speaks for itself.

  2. Hey Mikala, thanks.
    Yeah you definitely know it when you're wearing a 5mm suit, especially when you add boots & gloves to the equation. Your shoulders get tired more easily at first due to the extra resistance, and it's harder to swim in the water if you lose your board because you float more. They just add to the general effort involved in going surfing in the winter, and you can get cold in the time it takes to get the things off.

    Better than not surfing at all though!

  3. It is good to hear the pros and cons. I met a kiter this past week who wears a 3/2 under his scuba longjohns. This allows him to keep his arms free for kite surfing! Amazing huh?