Monday 20 December 2010

20/12/10 | PICK IT UP


So much dogshit at Godrevy. It really pisses me off because it must be local people who enjoy walking at the beach who are leaving it. For god's sake people PICK IT UP. My dog had diarrhea (from the excitement of being at the beach) and I still managed to bag it and put it in the bin. As for the people who put it in a plastic bag THEN leave it at the beach...


  1. Aargh, I hate that shit - literally. What is the point? Take responsibility!

  2. That is a shame to see! Is there a fine for littering? I always say that the beach will always be as clean as you find and leave it or in other words pack out what you pack in! Would it be possible for the county or city to place more garbage bins in the hot spots? That might be a solution.

  3. we have the same problem on the beaches on this side of the pond. people basically suck.

    on a happier note, merry christmas, and a very happy, healthy, and swell-filled 2011 to you & yours!

  4. Oh yeah, I like this blog! Glad I found it.

    but I must say, if you're not using a biodegradable 'plastic' bag and using a regular ole plastic bag that will live in double infamy in the garbage pile forever....right? It's not helping the environment to put crap of any kind in a plastic bag.

  5. Sadly having a pet at all is pretty much guaranteed to be bad for the environment, but if these people can't be bothered to clean up in the first place they're not going to be concerned about the environmental impact.

    I'm actually so annoyed about this I'm going to try to come up with some way of tackling it once I've got my holiday & college deadlines out of the way.