Sunday 31 October 2010

31/10/10 | Hiatus

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I never thought it would be over six months before I'd post on this blog again, I really don't know where the time has gone. Back in November last year the company I worked for went into administration; it was business as usual until Easter when chunks of the company suddenly started being sold off and the pressure of the situation started to get to me. Gradually everyone I had worked with day-to-day left, and the company I loved working for was taken to pieces bit by bit, leaving me feeling demoralised and completely stripped of any motivation. It's turned me into a bit of an online hermit; the summer has come and gone in a flash and I don't feel like I've been able to fully enjoy it as I've had all this uncertainty hanging over me.

Two weeks ago the administration finally came to an end (after eleven months) and last week I started my new job working with my old bosses in Camborne. Already I feel refreshed. It's great to be working in an office with other people that I enjoy working with, and being able to look to the future. So this seemed like a good time to resurrect my blog.

I'm going to try now to keep it updated and work through the huge backlog of photos I've got to scan. I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone else's blogs and finding out how summer has been, sorry if you've left comments / messages that I haven't replied to. There have been loads of things I've wanted to write about, surfing with basking sharks in May, all the great surf we've had, my fabulous new summer suit from nineplus, the sad state of women's surfing as events get cancelled. I'll try and catch up. Oh and in a moment of severe depression I booked flights to Hawaii for February. Yeew!

In the mean time I've started using twitter to help me back into things and post day-to-day stuff that isn't worthy of a whole blog post - so if you're on twitter come say hello @_kernowfornia_


  1. Its great to see you blogging again. Im glad things have worked out, I was in the same situation 2 summers ago. Anyway I look forward to seeng & reading more. You gave me the idea of buying an old Polaroid which is a blast. Nice post!

  2. SHE'S BACK!!
    we've missed you

  3. Welcome back (Hawaii in Feb - awesome!)

  4. Hey, thanks all.

    kk - I am SO excited I just can't tell you.

  5. Glad you've returned to your blog. I discovered after you went on your hiatus, and have been hoping you were going to continue it.

    I love what I've seen of your surf culture over there. Makes me want to visit.

    (A surfer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

  6. Thanks Jamie - Ohio?! I'm off to your blog to find out more!