Sunday 3 January 2010

03/01/10 | Sliding into 2010

What a great start to the year - bellyboarding with Sally Parkin of Original Surfboards and friends at Porthcothan, followed by her amazing thai soup. Yum.


Some resolutions for 2010:

Surf more
Take better photographs
Spend less money (much will-power required)
Get to know more people in the water
Eat breakfast every day

Resolutions broken so far = 2.


  1. Well you seriously don't need to take better photo's so i'm guessing it's shopping and breakfast :-)

  2. Thanks Chris, I was pretty disappointed with the roll this came off, Chris's photos were much better (he put them up on fb earlier I think). I'm not very good at photographing people close up, something I'd really like to improve on this year.

    #2: I bought some photography & design books on amazon - I can write that off as educational can't I?!